Friday, October 1, 2010

September Summary, October Goals

Here's how I did...

VPP's: 22395/20,000 - Success
Game Profit: $7000 (RB Included) + Coaching/Staking : $5200 = $12,200/12000 - Success
Coaching: Around 100 hours
Tournaments : 1410, Bleh need to up the volume still
Investing: Have about $35,000 invested, I've discontinued a couple investments

Goals for October...

VPP's : 25,000
Profit: $13,500
Coaching: 115 Hours
Tournaments: 2100
Investing: Just keep chuggin...

Feels good to have two 10k + months back to back, the staking side of things should only continue to improve as my personal horses are getting better, I'm extremely impressed with how far some of them have come. Beyond that, the shit going down in Washington is trash, people should be able to make the personal choice as to where they invest or spend there money, taking jobs away from some grinders and forcing them to leave there homes in pursuit of an income they've become accustomed to is just ridiculous...

To get in touch with me regarding coaching, I can be reached @ Bigbluffzinc on Skype or post a comment here and I'll get back to you!


  1. Two 10k months...Nice! Keep grindin and stay up!
    Arizona Local

  2. Hi BigbluffZinc! Congratulations on a great back to back months. I am interested in getting some coaching session from you in 18 man turbo. Please contact me at for rates and information. Thanks!

  3. Thanks guys yeah been running/playing well, will be nice if I can keep it going :)

  4. Stumbled across this blog while looking at others I follow. I'd be interested in coaching sessions/staking for the 45 mans-180 mans. I just switched to them from regular speed ( those got too boring and too hard to put in volume ) and want to make sure my push/fold decisions and ICM considerations are correct by doing some HH reviews. Email me at and i'll give you all relevant information you require or application. I would've just put this in your ptp thread, but am awaiting account activation.