Friday, March 18, 2011

Head up nose down...

Been busting my ass this month trying to hit my VPP goal of 120k VPP's... To be honest I thought it would be a lot easier than it is, because some days I earn as much as 8k VPP's... but the bottom line is that 1k's don't always run, and if they run with 8/9 regs, I ain't jumpin in... I'm still really motivated to grind, (made infinitely easier by the fact that there are a group of sicko workaholics who grind almost as much as me on call whenever I play) but I need to ramp it up a little at some point because I can tell I won't be able to keep this pace for the entire year... I've cut MTT's from my regular daily grind, the added variance just isn't what I need while I continue adjusting to a really high buyin grind schedule... Sunday will now be the only day I grind anything MTT related, and even that will be MTT light/SNG heavy....

Cash... starting to get into it more and more, I've been splashing around quite a bit and will likely begin to focus my efforts here as time goes on... The only other thing to add prior to drifting into sleep is that I'm hitting St. Louis with another online player, Frenzuh. Should be pretty sick as his MTT game is definitely stronger than mine, and undoubtedly I'll be able to glean some things that will improve my play... (Which happens to be pretty fuckin good in case you wanted coaching, sick plug I know...) peace

Monday, March 7, 2011

Grinding through the swings...

Swinging and variance are the most challenging aspects of poker, because its those two facets of the game that can lead players to grind games that may not have a positive expectation... All the while grinding away patiently expecting variance to carry them into the black, this same variance can also drive players with a positive expectation out of games they really should be playing, and into games with a lower return. After having a losing month in January, which was difficult... I started to question my game and the foundation I've built up to this point, and then there's an upswing in February leaving me feeling like a champ... only to be humbled once again as February closes and March begins with the biggest downswing of my career.... Honest personal evaluation is an integral part to our success in the real world, but in the poker world if you can't do that you'll be broke so quickly Stars wouldn't bother giving you a screen name...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keep on pushing....

This is gonna be a short post, as I'm trying to minimize my computer time when I'm not grinding, but I'm transitioning into grinding the 100-1k SnG's nicely.... Looking back at the .10 cent games I was grinding in November 2009 this is a pretty epic change, and hopefully it continues to work out for the best :)

February Recap:
-Break into the 565's - Done, I've been grinding 1k's
-Volume of 2500 Games - Fail, I played just below 2000
-Coaching - I'm fine with this slacking a bit as long as I'm grinding instead

My goals for March include:

-2250 Tournaments (A compromise)
-Stick to a budget (sort of)
-110k VPP's
-Update the blog a little more
-Win the Sunday Million :)