Monday, December 21, 2009

Well today is Monday the 21'st and I'm stoked for Christmas as poker just gifted me a timely upswing... managed to make $525 today which was pretty epic, woooooooooot.. Ummmm still excited for the 23rd to find out what the adjustments to pokerstars will be and I'm making sure I hit platinum star this month so that if I am trying for SNE then I want to make sure I cap how much rakeback I can get in January when I put in a ton of volume.... till next time good luck at the tables...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Been awhile....

Well its been awhile since I've updated and thats because I've been on a massive downswing/breakeven stretch that lasted... too damn long.. broke even over 1k games or so which was rough but whatever... binked a first place finish in a 12 dollar 180 man to compensate for a touch of the losing and after some run good im back on the uphill grind which is nice... I had originally made it to the 16's/27 dollar games pretty quickly, about 15 days (I started with 5 bucks in the account) but the run bad set me back to the 6.50's.. should be starting back at the 16's in my next few sessions though and then slip back into the 27's soon after that... im really excited to see what changes Full Tilt/Pokerstars have in store for the New Year... rumours going around about lots of good changes that could be happening... (23rd of December for Pokerstars if youre sweating the date)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Goals for 2010

Well, I'm back to building a bankroll on Pokerstars after winning a prop bet that I could turn $5 into $500 in a 5 day period, initially it was tough as playing .25 sng games is pretty dry, especially when I couldn't play with more than half the roll on the table (one of the stipulations of the bet) . After grinding the $15 super turbos on Tilt for awhile it feels decent to be able to play something other than push fold poker. It looks as though I'll be pushing for SNE on pokerstars this year as well, since Full Tilt won't support more than 16 tables and I can't very well justify playing on stars without obtaining SNE. It took some getting used to running 22+ tables after running just 16 on full tilt for so long but I think I've gotten the hang of it without too much detriment to my overall ROI.

I've heard from a couple of haters saying I won't be able to hit SNE next year as the stakes adjustments I'll have to make will make it impossible, but I think having logged 9k SnG's in a 3 month period playing what I consider less then part time and being able to maintain a minimum of an 8% roi means I should be fine... (And I've played a reasonable enough sample size at the 55 level to know I can beat the games..