Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Too much fun..

Well, as the title suggests I haven't exactly been pressing the grind too hard lately... After having a good night out with some poker buddies and the girl friend I decided to take the following day off... and then had my Grandfather and his wife in town tonight - which again led me to taking some time out of my schedule... I don't regret any of it, it just means that I'll have to work that much harder during December to close SNE out before the 22nd...

November recap -
110k VPP's
20k Game profit...

December Goals
80k VPP's (Reach SNE)
Breakeven... (I may be playing a few higher buyin games throughout the month in an attempt to close)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And Now Its a Sprint!!!!

Ok we just rounded the 900k marker - so we only have 100k to go!! Feels like I've been at this for forever, because the first time I actively went after this was in January of 2010 - Sooo it isn't really a one year goal that I am finally completing, its something I've had in mind/pursued for two years!! I'm not going to say its a lock - because some freak thing could happen where I brick - but if anyone wants to bet against me hitting it I'd lay some decent odds :)! I'm still running pretty well, and hopefully that continues throughout the rest of my chase... Beyond that I've been starting a few new horses/students, so if you fall into either category feel free to message me and we'll work something out!

Stats this month without rakeback...
bigbluffzinc Click for details Visit my Blog2,581$7 $81 7%$18,294 -N/APokerStars11/1/2011 11/23/2011x

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Still running really well - Went through some $500 flips last night with another reg with the plan that it was game over when one of us is stuck 1k - I ran good after a series of PLO battles and managed to take down the thousand dollar prize after yelling at my computer like it made a difference.... It definitely spiced up my 2am compared to the norm...
The run good/playing well has continued since my last post - so the grind has been pretty easy relative to dealing with grinding long hours while tanking 4 figures day in and day out.... Hope everyone is doing well - As always hit me up for coaching/staking if you need it - Good luck!

Currently at 885,000 VPPS - Still a good bit to go!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Staying motivated....

Probably going to be updating fairly frequently while I finish Supernova Elite to stay motivated to get it done! Currently sitting at 871k VPP's - so 129k to go, and I'd like it completely finished before I leave BC and head back to the US for Christmas on the 22nd. In order to pull that off I think I need around 3500 VPP's per day no breaks, which shouldn't be too tough to of a target for me to hit.

Beyond that things have been going well on the tables, and I'm up a solid bit this month pre rakeback. I'm contemplating whether or not to attend PCA and atm it seems like its going to be a no, as I think I'd rather just hit Vegas with a bigger roll. (I also heard PCA was a pretty steep field in terms of how tough it gets relative to Vegas, if this isn't true please correct me) Beyond that if anyone reading this is in need of a stake, due to relocating or otherwise... hit me up and we'll see if we can work something out.. I've worked things out with a couple other guys with no problems so let me know :)

November Summary:

55,100 VPP's (Aka about 10k in rake paid with me getting back about 1/2 of it)
$14,782 Game Profit
Bonuses $680 from BOP leaderboards
Coaching - Horses gotta hit me up, but I've made myself available this month so all good!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


As per usual I've been lazy with updating the blog, and in line with that is my obvious excuse that I've just been busy.. The combination of September and October were my two worst months ever playing SNG's... I won't get into exactly how bad it was pre rakeback - but I will say that the two months combined I broke even after rakeback.. it was frustrating/challenging and overall a complete piss off losing day in and day out - In addition to that, recent months have been my most challenging when dealing with tilt.

Tilt is something that throughout my poker career I have had an extremely strong handle on, so why is it that in recent months, where my game/mental game should be at their peak, I'm struggling more than ever? Well, I'm fairly confident that the culprit is the sliding buyin scale I have relative to other players... Its very frustrating to look at my results below $299 and see that I'm up a really hefty amount of money over the last month or two, and see that I'm running slightly above ev for a few bb's.... And then to look at the same results in 300-2k's and see that for every big blind I've won, I'm a BB below ev... Its just not the same thing as grinding nothing but $15 and $30 sng's when my lowest buyin can be $30 and my highest in the same day can be $2000.

With Christmas approaching, high stakes getting tougher with regs finishing their respective SNE quests, and my sanity being valuable - I think I'll be on hiatus in high stakes games until January...

VPP total - 858,000
Coaching - Right where I'm comfortable with it being given I still need about 140,000 VPP's
Staking - Going very well, a lot of my horses are killing it :)