Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keepin it going....

Been getting lazier and lazier, which is starting to bother me... The more money I make the less I volume I seem to put in, contentedness is the bane of profit imo.... I'm playing backed for this last week of August as well as all of September due to WCOOP, which to be honest seems like a completely idiotic thing to do... I've been more confident in my game than I ever have, and have developed my understanding of the game way beyond where it was a month ago.... Which basically leads me to the conclusion that I'm free rolling people on profit in exchange for money which I don't need, GG me... I'm really grateful for the investors so if there are those reading it I definitely appreciate it and I don't want this misinterpreted, I just think I should've had the balls to run it on my own... Thats the other thing that bothers me, I oftentimes find myself backing everyone in the world but myself, which speaks volumes about how much confidence some of these games take to play, and how lacking I am in certain areas... Its so much easier to just ship the money to jo blow and say "glgl, make me money", when I'd say just about everytime Jo'blow's money would be much safer if I were using it to gamble instead of him... I don't think I'm the only player who plays/feels that way but you gotta man up fwiw...

Changes for Sept/October... I know its August now and planning for Oct before hitting Sept seems a little trigger happy, but Ive opted to play backed so as far as confidence is concerned, its easier for me to be more active in my higher buy in games when less of my money is involved... so w/ that being said starting in Sept the volume on both FTP and Stars is gonna step up, and I'm gonna start loading the 114's a lot more relentlessly as I feel I have a significant edge on most MTT SnG players atm, reg or otherwise...

Personal vices, my fuckin spending habits... Probably burned through 6-7k this month doing absolutely nothing, which obviously needs to be adjusted, I've never spent that much in a month excluding partying when I travel.. but I've never made this much in a month either, not that that's an excuse but yeah.. w.e.

Total side note, but I adjusted the background on my computer to fuckin chess pieces.. ok at first it sounds pretty weak, but tbh it keeps me going... there are only 2 ways to look at what we do, (assuming you gamble relentlessly lol) one, is you're a degenerate, which by definition lends me to the phrase "FUCK YOU!" when people refer to me as one.. Option B, we're strategists... we pick people apart, smart people, and weak people.. and depending on how good you are, you tear them up. We take the thing most people will kill for, money.. I don't sit on a computer 12 hours a day losing my money monotonously, over and over again, and I'm not a fuckin degenerate... if you wanna talk degenerate I'll refer you to the bag boy at a grocery store who works an 8 hour day earning $10 bucks an hour, who comes home, blazes.. falls asleep, rinses, (if he's got the tenacity to haul himself into the shower) and repeats... (People do this on so many different levels, just substitute blazing for television and 10 bucks an hour to 25, and you have some asshole who thinks less of you) 99% of the people who refer to us as the former, fall into the latter category, when on the chess board, I'm the King and that bitch is the pawn, so again, fuck you :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Click Clack!

Well I'm not gonna be pullin' any triggers, but if you decide to jump into an 18 man SnG w/ me, all I gotta say is you did it to yourself... I've been takin names in my games lately and have never been more confident with where everything is at... "I know something you don't know", comes to mind when I load up w/ some of what are considered the toughest SnG players around... the better you get the more respect you lose for how other people play, not gonna name names but the player whose game I respect most outside my own (I am better than you :) ) has given me 14 pretty good Reasons to, and the ability to bounce ideas off him at will has made joining the coaching site worth it.. I found my old respect for money again after I hustled my ass off trying to make someone else $67 at a Swap Meat in 100+ degree heat working a 7 hour day... its easy to forget how hard I used to work for a dollar, walking back and forth, between 2 jobs 2 miles apart, working 90 hour weeks in the old days to sitting in my AC'd house making about 3-5 bucks a game playing anywhere from 50-150 games a day....

Shout out to all the grinders crushin games and takin shit from people who dont fuckin get what we do... (I dont care if you hate rap/hip hop/pop... fuckin listen)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"We are all prisoners of our own captivity"

Been a little while, so what up... Life is still going pretty rock star solid, so hopefully the run bad stick of life doesnt come beat me over the head anytime soon.. because I'm enjoying the moment a little too much and am not asking for any more or any less... just keep the flow goin!
I recently started coaching for, which has a bunch of great guys coaching and playing, and I'm pretty stoked about the opportunity all the way around... I feel like I have the opportunity to grow as a player in other aspects of poker, because while all those guys are pretty phenomenal SnG players... they have coaches for everything else :) and will be able to point me in the right direction in regards to a lot of other aspects of the game.
SnG's are my shit, thats the bottom line, but I was watching Prison Break the other day, (I dont watch more than an hour of tv every two or three days, waste of grind time imo) and this line stood out to me, "We are all prisoners of our own captivity".. I really started to question a lot of things w/ regards to life and apply this there, but for the purposes of this blog it'll stay mostly poker related and how this impacted my game... I feel like a LOT of the people I coach/observe play a game thats confined to the rules they THINK apply to the game.. when in reality breaking the rules in logical ways is imo how good poker is played, and how anything worth really doing is done... obviously there are guidelines and things that need to be kept in check, because guidelines generally represent attempts, failures, and success done by people before you, but if you don't allow yourself to step out from the conventional mode of play, step out of the comfort zone, and step into your own game... You'll always be 1 step behind the game. I took that same quote and twisted "We are all prisoners of our own captivity", and shifted it to "We are all prisoners of our own creativity", the limits of the latter should be stretched, because creative play is generally gonna be unpredictable logic, and in the game of war we call Poker, thats the strategy thats gonna win; not shoving ATC into me for 35bbs bvb and cracking my AK in the 55 Turb MTT on Stars... VARIANCE my ass, its rigged.. :)