Thursday, August 5, 2010

"We are all prisoners of our own captivity"

Been a little while, so what up... Life is still going pretty rock star solid, so hopefully the run bad stick of life doesnt come beat me over the head anytime soon.. because I'm enjoying the moment a little too much and am not asking for any more or any less... just keep the flow goin!
I recently started coaching for, which has a bunch of great guys coaching and playing, and I'm pretty stoked about the opportunity all the way around... I feel like I have the opportunity to grow as a player in other aspects of poker, because while all those guys are pretty phenomenal SnG players... they have coaches for everything else :) and will be able to point me in the right direction in regards to a lot of other aspects of the game.
SnG's are my shit, thats the bottom line, but I was watching Prison Break the other day, (I dont watch more than an hour of tv every two or three days, waste of grind time imo) and this line stood out to me, "We are all prisoners of our own captivity".. I really started to question a lot of things w/ regards to life and apply this there, but for the purposes of this blog it'll stay mostly poker related and how this impacted my game... I feel like a LOT of the people I coach/observe play a game thats confined to the rules they THINK apply to the game.. when in reality breaking the rules in logical ways is imo how good poker is played, and how anything worth really doing is done... obviously there are guidelines and things that need to be kept in check, because guidelines generally represent attempts, failures, and success done by people before you, but if you don't allow yourself to step out from the conventional mode of play, step out of the comfort zone, and step into your own game... You'll always be 1 step behind the game. I took that same quote and twisted "We are all prisoners of our own captivity", and shifted it to "We are all prisoners of our own creativity", the limits of the latter should be stretched, because creative play is generally gonna be unpredictable logic, and in the game of war we call Poker, thats the strategy thats gonna win; not shoving ATC into me for 35bbs bvb and cracking my AK in the 55 Turb MTT on Stars... VARIANCE my ass, its rigged.. :)

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