Monday, August 16, 2010

Click Clack!

Well I'm not gonna be pullin' any triggers, but if you decide to jump into an 18 man SnG w/ me, all I gotta say is you did it to yourself... I've been takin names in my games lately and have never been more confident with where everything is at... "I know something you don't know", comes to mind when I load up w/ some of what are considered the toughest SnG players around... the better you get the more respect you lose for how other people play, not gonna name names but the player whose game I respect most outside my own (I am better than you :) ) has given me 14 pretty good Reasons to, and the ability to bounce ideas off him at will has made joining the coaching site worth it.. I found my old respect for money again after I hustled my ass off trying to make someone else $67 at a Swap Meat in 100+ degree heat working a 7 hour day... its easy to forget how hard I used to work for a dollar, walking back and forth, between 2 jobs 2 miles apart, working 90 hour weeks in the old days to sitting in my AC'd house making about 3-5 bucks a game playing anywhere from 50-150 games a day....

Shout out to all the grinders crushin games and takin shit from people who dont fuckin get what we do... (I dont care if you hate rap/hip hop/pop... fuckin listen)

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  1. Fail on the that link. Just click the embedded button so you can get the link to post it on here. Keep up the grind sir.