Friday, December 30, 2011

Massive Coaching....

Considering doing a massive coaching session where tons of people are sweating my play for an hour or two.. something to that extent, I don't wanna do free (would rather do discounted reeeeeal low.. although it could happen, will depend on interest whether or not it runs at all) Post in the comments with suggestions/whether or not you're interested..

PLO Schedule...

Going to be playing PLO on each of these days: (and it will likely be full ring for January until their Happy Hour promo expires) in order to take full advantage of the Happy Hour promo Stars has... (which they neglected to do for SNG players)

January 2-8: 04:00 ET
January 9- 15: 10:00 ET
January 16-22: 16:00 ET
January 23-29: 22:00 ET

Good luck to those who have set their goals and those who still have to finish them up! I'm going to be updating the blog as I add/remove/hit new goals during 2012 - I'm really excited about my targets so far...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Watch!!!

I'm making this post so I don't forget this new goal/reward I want... Nothing too interesting for readers..

Goal is to spend less than $50,000 in total next year on everything...

Reward is to get myself a new watch with whatever the difference is... Instead of focusing on making more money next year, which I intend to do regardless of some trivial reward, I'll reward myself for conserving what I have, which I think is a far more difficult to task...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pokerstars could make some changes..

These are just some suggestions I came up with after talking with a few buddies/thinking some things over... They may not be feasible, if you have an opinion I'd love to hear it... I'll be the first to admit that a lot of the players I've had huge edges on I no longer have an edge on at all...

Changes that I believe need to be implemented soon relative to SNG's on Pokerstars:
1. The lobbies for 18 player and 45 player lobbies need to be shown with the player names, (may as well include 180s) similar to HU/6m/9m sngs - these games now need to be table selected, they're tougher

2. The filter system for SNG's and probably for cash needs improving - we need to be able to save filters to quickly move through lobbies as well as filter certain game types out more effectively that we don't play - certain players play all game types except 18s... or all game types except hu... and a better method of filtering game types out/saving filters would improve the ability to load/maintain tables which is crucial for sustaining something close to our hourly in light of how tough games are getting..

3. Note system could use another color tab - The more in depth we can go with the notes and the quicker we can read them, the more we can preserve our edge..

4. Rake needs to actually drop - I'm aware how this negatively affects your bottom line, but to advertise games on your site they need to be beatable for a sustainable win rate, if the top winning regulars on your site are making less money because of the deterioration/toughness of the games, it seems part of that needs to be absorbed by the poker site..

5. This isn't me complaining, I win and make money, this is me making an effort to preserve the integrity of the game, if mediocre players are just lighting their rolls on fire and strong players are only surviving, the game won't last long...

6. Regulars need to start table selecting... THIS IS FREE ADVICE... stop playing in games and stop ruining games that are/won't be beatable or will hardly be beatable, you hurt me, yourself, and all other regs in the game unnecessarily...

7. I may be completely discontinuing coaching soon in light of this.. And I may get flamed for posting this but w.e. lol

Rant over...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Time Off...

Going to be taking the 22nd (yesterday) to the 29th away from the tables to visit family in San Diego. This likely means studying my play a lot as well as some quality food and relaxation... I hope everyone is doing well - Here's a picture of the view...

Oh and it wasn't me that set this up - So thanks Mom/Dad and I hope everyone enjoys their holidays, Good luck :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Recap and 2012 Goals...

As the title may suggest - I've completed my goals with respect to 2011 and poker - Supernova Elite status, one of my goals since December of 2009, has finally been reached. It feels a little weird more than anything else to accomplish something I've been working toward for so long - I expected a feeling of relief, of satisfaction, of something good, but instead I'm left with this awkward feeling - like something I've pushed towards is now out of the way and I don't know whats on the other side... On the other hand I am happy that next year's chase will be an easier one - My bankroll can sustain the swings of just about any SNG I choose to play, and I have the confidence to jump into any of those games as long as I feel I have an edge and gamble it up!! I accomplished a good bit this year, even a little bit more than I would have guessed at the end of 2010...

2011 Poker Accomplishments -
-Supernova Elite Status
-2 Live NLHE Final Tables, resulting in 1 WSOP Circuit Ring from STL
-Significantly raising my Average Buy In (ABI for poker players)
-Adjusted/beat STT's both 6 and 9 max

That pretty much sums up 2011 with respect to poker, but looking toward 2012 is what I'm excited about and looking forward to! One of the primary things I look for in anything I do is development. I never want to be in the same place for long and I always want to be moving forward, that being said Supernova Elite is Pokerstars highest VIP status, and simply getting more VPP's next year, although it would mean more money, would leave me relatively empty if it were the sole feat for 2012. For this reason my VIP goals for 2012 will be simple - Maintain/achieve Supernova Elite status again. Once we step away from the VIP program - we can focus on what I'm excited about, balance...

2011 basically saw me neglect my health, my diet, and my exercise in the pursuit of VPP's. Now that my average buyin is much higher - and I have a much better understanding of what it takes to obtain Supernova Elite status, I feel much more prepared for the grind, and feel I will accomplish it with much more free time throughout the year. This time will not be spent watching television, playing video games, or sleeping, instead it will be spent focusing on those three very important aspects of my life. As a poker player, my typical routine (when I don't have my girlfriend over, or get hammered with my brother and co..) involves waking up at 9am, brushing my teeth, throwing on sweats, and stumbling to my grind station prior to eating... I will then sit there, sometimes until 3-9pm depending on how I feel before eating anything, and then (in pain) migrate to the fridge and consume everything I can.. Then, depending on the time, I migrate back to the grind station where I play until an hour or so before I go to sleep, when I eat for the second time and wind down with studying my play or watching half of a movie... Sooooooo, as you can see, I don't move around much, and hitting the gym daily doesn't exactly count as exercise, its more like catching up on the movement a normal person has that I just don't.. In addition to focusing on improving my health, 2012 will also see me shift one day a week to MTT's, as I believe that playing a variety of games not only will improve my play, but will also reduce the monotony that comes with grinding the same games with the same regulars day in and day out. The last adjustment to my grind schedule will be phasing an additional day out of SNG's and into PLO (Pot-Limit Omaha) cash games. The reason for this is the same as the ones above, but its also because I want to continue to develop and grow as a poker player, and I feel that learning the other poker games is a much better way for me to do that than earning an extra 1,000,000 VPP's. I feel the reward from learning and beating PLO will be much greater, and the demand on my time and monotony of the challenge will pale in comparison, making it (at least for me) a very superior option. This will be my primary focus for 2012 aside from the 1,000,000 VPP's for reaching Supernova Elite once.

2012 Poker Goals -
-Supernova Elite
-Dedicate Sundays to MTT's
-Dedicate Thursdays/Happy Hour days to PLO and Get better at it with Push
-Hit the Gym every day, to run or lift
-Play the WSOP Main Event
-Help Nick/Brandon (Frenzuh/Mazurite) achieve their poker goals in 2012 as I can
-Update my blog every Thursday
-Spend less than $50,000

That pretty much sums up my goals for poker during 2012 - My dedication to the game will remain the same, I'll still be playing seven days a week with very few days off (0 unless I'm puking and missing a Canucks game, something I managed to do in 2011..) unless I'm travelling somewhere... Going to try and spend more time with my brother and his fiance as well as focus on my relationship with my girlfriend... Beyond that I wish all of you the best with completing your goals in 2011, and good luck at the tables and with whatever you pursue in 2012!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

VPP Update..

Well as the post described - not too much has happened... spent a couple of nights out with some friends, had some drinks and partied... Life has been good, and as a result I've been spending time away from grinding - Currently sitting at 942k VPP's - So definitely starting to taste the finish line....

Currently breakeven this month in terms of game profit -
VPP's - not enough...