Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pokerstars could make some changes..

These are just some suggestions I came up with after talking with a few buddies/thinking some things over... They may not be feasible, if you have an opinion I'd love to hear it... I'll be the first to admit that a lot of the players I've had huge edges on I no longer have an edge on at all...

Changes that I believe need to be implemented soon relative to SNG's on Pokerstars:
1. The lobbies for 18 player and 45 player lobbies need to be shown with the player names, (may as well include 180s) similar to HU/6m/9m sngs - these games now need to be table selected, they're tougher

2. The filter system for SNG's and probably for cash needs improving - we need to be able to save filters to quickly move through lobbies as well as filter certain game types out more effectively that we don't play - certain players play all game types except 18s... or all game types except hu... and a better method of filtering game types out/saving filters would improve the ability to load/maintain tables which is crucial for sustaining something close to our hourly in light of how tough games are getting..

3. Note system could use another color tab - The more in depth we can go with the notes and the quicker we can read them, the more we can preserve our edge..

4. Rake needs to actually drop - I'm aware how this negatively affects your bottom line, but to advertise games on your site they need to be beatable for a sustainable win rate, if the top winning regulars on your site are making less money because of the deterioration/toughness of the games, it seems part of that needs to be absorbed by the poker site..

5. This isn't me complaining, I win and make money, this is me making an effort to preserve the integrity of the game, if mediocre players are just lighting their rolls on fire and strong players are only surviving, the game won't last long...

6. Regulars need to start table selecting... THIS IS FREE ADVICE... stop playing in games and stop ruining games that are/won't be beatable or will hardly be beatable, you hurt me, yourself, and all other regs in the game unnecessarily...

7. I may be completely discontinuing coaching soon in light of this.. And I may get flamed for posting this but w.e. lol

Rant over...

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