Saturday, November 12, 2011


As per usual I've been lazy with updating the blog, and in line with that is my obvious excuse that I've just been busy.. The combination of September and October were my two worst months ever playing SNG's... I won't get into exactly how bad it was pre rakeback - but I will say that the two months combined I broke even after rakeback.. it was frustrating/challenging and overall a complete piss off losing day in and day out - In addition to that, recent months have been my most challenging when dealing with tilt.

Tilt is something that throughout my poker career I have had an extremely strong handle on, so why is it that in recent months, where my game/mental game should be at their peak, I'm struggling more than ever? Well, I'm fairly confident that the culprit is the sliding buyin scale I have relative to other players... Its very frustrating to look at my results below $299 and see that I'm up a really hefty amount of money over the last month or two, and see that I'm running slightly above ev for a few bb's.... And then to look at the same results in 300-2k's and see that for every big blind I've won, I'm a BB below ev... Its just not the same thing as grinding nothing but $15 and $30 sng's when my lowest buyin can be $30 and my highest in the same day can be $2000.

With Christmas approaching, high stakes getting tougher with regs finishing their respective SNE quests, and my sanity being valuable - I think I'll be on hiatus in high stakes games until January...

VPP total - 858,000
Coaching - Right where I'm comfortable with it being given I still need about 140,000 VPP's
Staking - Going very well, a lot of my horses are killing it :)


  1. Nice job on the pacing for SNE.

    I probably watch brain fail on cardunners every 6-8 months to help me w the mental aspect of everything poker. Really good series you should def check out.

  2. Yeah maybe ill check it out then :)

  3. Very similar story here mate. But that said, you are a beast, good luck for crushing into xmas!

  4. yeah check out Brain Fail bro. good stuff.