Monday, September 5, 2011

Yeah its been forever...

I haven't updated in such a long time, not because I've been busy - more because I've just been lazy... The primary reason for updating now is Pokerstars having some issues with their software, which is temporarily causing me to be unable to login/play... As far as a recap is concerned - August went really well, and September is going really badly :) . I'm not complaining about September, August was too good - it just is what it is.
Regarding my pursuit of SNE, I should be able to pull it off without having to do anything stupid like 20 tabling + 1k's and below, I should be able to just hit it going at the pace I've been, currently sitting on just about 650k VPP's, which is still technically behind pace, but nothing to be concerned about.

Beyond that everything has just been pretty standard, so good luck at the tables... (Blog you should follow here..)


  1. gl with your pursuit and gl at the tables

  2. found your blog a while ago and am greatly surprised. I hope news will be there soon.

    Especially your advices regarding other pokerblogs are very nice as well. Almost after every session I am reading something else.

    Thank, keep going ! A fellow grinder

  3. Interesting blog, best of luck sir


  4. Hey gl with your SNE pursuit man. thanks for hookin me up with a link too.

  5. GL with the chase. Whats ur latest VPP count?