Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And Now Its a Sprint!!!!

Ok we just rounded the 900k marker - so we only have 100k to go!! Feels like I've been at this for forever, because the first time I actively went after this was in January of 2010 - Sooo it isn't really a one year goal that I am finally completing, its something I've had in mind/pursued for two years!! I'm not going to say its a lock - because some freak thing could happen where I brick - but if anyone wants to bet against me hitting it I'd lay some decent odds :)! I'm still running pretty well, and hopefully that continues throughout the rest of my chase... Beyond that I've been starting a few new horses/students, so if you fall into either category feel free to message me and we'll work something out!

Stats this month without rakeback...
bigbluffzinc Click for details Visit my Blog2,581$7 $81 7%$18,294 -N/APokerStars11/1/2011 11/23/2011x


  1. not many pursuit SNE with profit, so thats goooood! :)

    gl on the rest of the year.

  2. will u consider staking deucesofclub ?

  3. yeah deucesofclub my skype is bigbluffzinc - you can better reach me there... thanks limels/james :)