Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Progress Report...

Been running pretty well since I returned from Vegas...

VPP's: 17358.77/20,000
Profit: $6976/12k (this doesn't include staking)
Coaching: Around 70 hours
Tournaments : 1228 (Again a little tougher than I thought with all the MTT's)
Investing: Pushed it a little too hard, and am now out of spending money lol... oops!

Here are my SnG results for the month, fields with less than 180 players... (Stars promotion SnG's fell under the scheduled tab on Sharkscope)
bigbluffzinc 1,136 $5 $31 19% $6,184 Tilt N/A PokerStars 9/1/2010 9/27/2010 E<=180

I've experienced some people taking some pretty weak, predictable lines against me in response to some of the lines I've been taking, I hope they read this.. and I hope they realize their time would be better spent table selecting around me, rather than trying to concoct a 1/2 ass solution that could be better called equity spew..

On a more positive note, I couldn't be prouder of the work ethic of my students, (you know who you are) they spend more time honing in on their games than I do, and I may quickly experience a role reversal as student and coach... In contrast to the time I spend with those 3 individuals, who literally bleed me of every bit of information I have, there are still students who pay for a service, and then neglect to take advantage of it, those 3 guys stand out for their unparalleled student mentality, which in my opinion will pull there game to a level beyond mine, poker is a game of sweat blood and tears, its only through relentless effort, grinding, that a high level of play is attained...

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