Monday, September 6, 2010

Progress Report...

Well today could have gone better, but I definitely didn't lose much for a Sunday which is super positive... Were still having a +EV month which is good, as I've managed to win about $800 in SnG's for the week despite running pretty bad and putting in light volume, gonna look to really pick it up over the next couple days, but I'm definitely over hearing players bad beat stories, each of us has our own, and we don't need the negativity of another player impacting our day.. Everytime someone loses a pot, busts a SnG, or gets coolered/setup, do they really need to pass it on, so that everyone gets coolered... as if I've never had a bad beat in 20,000+ games lol? Misery loves company, but competition breeds motivation and ultimately success, so why spend three hours bitching when it accomplishes nothing, its like the male version of crying only worse, because there is this assumption that its ok, at least when a man bows down and cries, everyone knows he's either being a bitch or going through some shit, with this its an endless incessant drain on the existence of the individual listening...

Lately people have been asking me what it is I'm doing differently, what approach to the game is netting me different results... And my answer is that I have two students I can think of who possess the same quality, Push and Plank are sicko's when it comes to their student mentality, they strive to become better, more so than all of my students currently losing/breaking even/winning.. they are doing the right things and yet still they push to become better, where people consistently doing the wrong things over and over just wanna pound volume as if there "lucky swing" is around the corner... some people know what I know, some people (some, lol) even know more than I know, but if its possible for me to find out what you know, what your cousin knows, and what your teacher knows, then I'll figure it out, and when I do, I'll fucking level you with it... so good luck on the tables, and I advise table selection around Bigbluffzinc, cheers :)

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  1. Nice Read BBZ,
    Well put about the bad beats.. Enough is enough already.. I've quit more than one chat group over it. And yeah, POD is a becoming a beast! Keep it up guys!