Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well.. I was running pretty bad :)

Prior to today I couldn't win a flip... today I won most of them.. so no complaints from me for today, was something like a +$1100 day or something... I'm still way behind on my monthly goals, which I'm definitely not proud of, but I've been working pretty hard to get in games/coach/stake... so sometimes the cards break bad, it happens!

VPP's: 10,000/20,000
Profit: $459/12k (been running terrible and all w/ these MTT's its tough unless I homerun)
Coaching: Around 45 hours
Tournaments : 688 (Again a little tougher than I thought with all the MTT's)
Investing: Def. still rolling my money..

As you can see I'm getting murdered in regards to profit, but meh it happens, I play the highest stakes 18's that run regularly.. so a 700 game break even swing is more than normal variance... I'm really happy to see that I'm still motivated to pretty much pound volume despite being on a break even losing stint, a lot of player's I know slow waaaaaaay down/cut the volume altogether when they lose, which isn't the best way to get out of it as long as you feel it isn't affecting your play... Hopefully I smash tomorrow (Sunday) for a 6 figure score, although it hasn't happened yet... and put an end to the downswing :)

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