Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Measure twice.. Cut once...

Title pretty much says it all, we should rehearse what we're doing, get it right, and THEN go after it... ill never understand the endless cycle of rinse/repeat mistake after mistake, to no end. People breaking even monotonously grind day in and day out, to no avail, and they wonder why? Well, its simple and I'll be nice enough to tell you, its because you're making fucking mistakes! Almost all of the solid winning players I know spend a considerable amount of time studying and reviewing there play, looking for places they could have done something differently, something that could potentially save them future money, and THEN executing it; in addition, there was a point where most of those players spent considerably more time studying than they do now... speaking from experience, I used to study every day while I played (only 5-6 tabled) then I'd study before I went to sleep, and I'd study when I'd wake up before work.... I only played a little bit... Its not the action of doing that promotes learning, that more or less reinforces habits, either good or bad... it's review and analysis that stimulate higher level play in the future, so measure twice and cut once... or waste time grinding life in a horizontal line, up to you...

VPP's : 13,300/25,000
Profit: $13,800/13,500
Coaching: 42/115 Hours
Tournaments: 886
Investing: On top of it!

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  1. very well said, sir. couldn't agree more.