Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Makin some changes...

I've been evaluating some of my life leaks with a buddy of mine, and there is one glaring leak that stands out more than the rest... My sleep schedule couldn't be worse, I go to bed more or less when I feel like it, and wake up right around the same time... :) I wouldn't have a problem w/ this normally, but I'm encountering a huge challenge to my overall productivity, the woman's schedule... Angela gets home @ around 6 30 every day, which usually disrupts the coaching/playing/staking in some way, as it should... This wouldn't be a problem if I was getting up at around 7am every day... as I would have had plenty of opportunity to wrk and accomplish the things I need to, but when I wake up @ 2 or 3, and she disrupts everything at 6 30, my day is pretty much a fail... I don't know why I haven't approached this problem with a solution earlier, but the one I intend to implement is waking up early on a daily basis, and going to bed early... I don't do the alarm thing, the stress of forcing myself to get up for really no reason is unnecessary (Idc if I'm spoiled), so I'll sleep as long as I want, but if I'm up around 8 or 9 I think I'll be able to accomplish a lot more with my day...

SnG's are still a joke, everyone plays terribly so its easy money... I don't really understand how people can do so something every day, and do it so badly, but lets just say most SnG regs make a decent amount of money with no clue about how to play poker.. I know because I was one of them until fairly recently, but now that I'm in the know there's a lot that stands out as awful...

bigbluffzinc 122 $15 $30 27% $1,778 Hot N/A PokerStars 10/1/2010 10/6/2010 SNG Only x

Most people tell me its run good, and obviously that sample is just that.. but I've been "running good" for three months, and they've been running bad for there lifetime graph.. sooooooo, I think they're just bad :), we're both entitled to our opinions! :)


  1. me and you both know there is nobody to compare atm... \o/

  2. mbn to know how to play, wish i could say the same :| can i ask how u went from being a sng reg w no clue how to play to playing well? i know we all make a decent hourly but id love to learn.

  3. I have a coaching thread you can check out on PTP if you're referring to coaching... beyond that I just pay attention to what works, as vague as that is I can't really give you anymore than that w/o discussing it w/ you... Bigbluffzinc on skype if you're interested :) GL