Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time is a commodity..

Got some staking coaching today from MHflush, definitely a +ev investment/good guy to work with, so I recommend him highly to anyone looking to take a more in depth look @ how they stake... He brought to my attention how much I squander my time, and how important it is not to do so, as my hourly rate will likely decrease as every day goes by, carpe diem is never more relevant than it is in poker, w/ the progression of weaker players' games the strength of our own is called into question, and so I need to be maximizing the value I have much more than I am currently... I have some really strong examples of how to do this to my benefit, Reasons14/MattGeer being the two who really stand out in this regard... Both guys' maximize the time in there day so much more efficiently than I do, and than most people do, (although they would likely disagree) and I have a lot to learn w/ respect to this... I think I've mentioned this before, but its so easy to get caught up in our own hype, how well or how poor were doing w/ an aspect of our lives, and dismiss a lot of others as less relevant or completely trivial, when focusing on those aspects brings not only more balance to the complicated equation of life, but also often impacts the thing we were so wildly focused on...

Another exceptionally relevant weakness that was brought to my attention was how often I see something positive, and hit it in full stride/swing without really analyzing the situation fully... E.g. I know staking (done properly) is +ev, therefore staking a LOT of solid horses will make me money... real conclusion, ehh... sort of... I have over 67 BAP's, 30 private horses, and coach for a site with a PF-stable setup... so all in all I have some amount of money invested in over 100 players other than myself... this number is overwhelming and too much, I bit off more than I could chew and have likely lost some amount of money in the process, oooooops...

This post was super random, and likely incoherent... w/ the next one I'll try to make more sense, but good luck at the tables, and if I'm not coaching you already... table select not only around me, but those I coach, cause there gonna eat your bankroll :)

*** I've received several PM's from horses who misunderstood my message, my private coaching is going to continue growing, the area I'm overextended most is PTP/BAP's.. so if you want coaching def. get in touch*** Thanks!

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