Friday, May 20, 2011


Finally started getting things going, I hate getting staked because of how much money it costs me.. but it really does spur my motivation when all i have to do is play.. if I pound the numbers I get paid in rakeback, whatever profit comes is a bonus. This mindset ultimately leads me to play infinitely better, because all I'm trying to do is play, I don't care about anything else at all.... That being said, once I gather some momentum I really need to discontinue the stakes as they are exceptionally expensive. I'm not trying to slow down my grind at all, so I have the daily VPP target set to something reasonable, 3500. This number isn't anywhere near SNE pace, but its enough VPP's that I can play a decent amount and then decide if I want to play MTT's the rest of the day, or take some time off.. For those that don't know, I play 7 days a week. I really don't take any full days off, so setting the daily goal to something I can manage while still being able to go out and do something else is pretty important. I also changed my avatar to the Juggernaut, which is a fictional character whose more or less unstoppable as long as he can move and gather momentum. Whatever small reminder I have to continue playing and not slow down is obviously +ev, and now that I'm winning again - I have no intention of slipping back, so its about time you started fuckin' game selecting again..

Results for the last week in SnG's...
bigbluffzinc Click for details Visit my Blog624$11 $86 20%$6,802 -N/APokerStars<1Wk SNG Onlyx