Monday, May 2, 2011

Just keep pluggin...

It doesn't take much more than a person with sharkscope to know that I'm on a pretty awful downswing (something like 15k).. when variance kicks in hard like this playing is generally speaking one of the last things I want to do.. the first and second day I want to play more, because I'm trying to get to even or ahead of whatever I lost that day/the day prior.. But once we've gone beyond the first two days finding the motivation to continue gets a little tougher when every light call stares at the nuts, every 70-30 run's out bad, 80-20's seem like flips and when people look like their drawing dead to a flopped flush they back door a boat.. I could probably sit here and continue the rant for a week (This is the biggest downswing of my career so I could literally harp forever) But I think the best medicine is a little bit of


with a bit of this

Time to quit bitchin' and get my head up... blame ME for the variance, review MY game, fix MY mistakes, take MY variance and minimize it.. take RESPONSIBILITY for where things are at, everyone knows I do it when I'm winning, so there's no reason to do anything else when I'm losing - Winning's a choice, sometimes it just takes a little time for the graph (and the bank account) to realize it...

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