Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing a little live....

So after more or less being on the fence about heading to St. Louis, (really last minute decision) I opted to go and play in some of the live circuit events that were taking place... A lot of you know that I won my first circuit ring, and had a 3rd place finish in another event, but for those that don't those were the results. Live play goes a lot deeper than online play, and I was really disappointed with my play after winning the ring.. I got really sloppy in a lot of spots, played tired, played hungover, and in general made some decisions that likely won't be often repeated.. But it was a learning experience, and one that had a pretty sick monetary reward, so I'm 100% happy about the fact that I decided to go. (My Dad came out for the main event which was pretty clutch, as I haven't seen him since early January)

I haven't been online much at all and will begin pounding volume again tomorrow, the 14th. I'm taking today off, travelling for an eternity again only to arrive and party until I pass out... I met some interesting people during my exploits in St. Louis, Phil and Mizz (Caleb) stood out, and Kyle (winner of the main event) was obviously a sicko... Hopefully I'm able to meet up with some of these guys in June/Vegas, anyway I'm tired as hell, haven't slept and I'm stuck in an airport, so I doubt this was coherent but it was my best attempt at an update before I get back to work, good luck at the tables..

St. Louis luckbox...

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