Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black Friday...

Well I haven't updated this since FTP/PS removed themselves from the US market thanks to a "nudge" from the FBI, but now that things have settled a bit (from a Non - US perspective) and Stars has continued providing all the services it was prior (with the games running less frequently/less high, natural due to the volume drop) I've decided to pretty much pick up where I left off prior.. What this means in a nutshell is continuing everything and in fact more actively pursuing certain aspects of my career, slowing down just because I lost a considerable amount of money (those that know me know both how much and where the loss came from) isn't really an option. I've outlined several goals for myself in light of the game changes that have taken place and the new bankroll that I have to work with.

-Update my blog more regularly, to what extent I'm unsure but this shouldn't be difficult regardless
-Play a minimum of 100 tournaments per day, (3000/month) this should keep me within reach of SNE if high stakes action returns to the extent it was before
-Exercise once/day, I don't really care how I do it or what I'm doing, but something active once per day, I'm going to wither away if all I do is sit here...
-Eat 3 meals/day, this sounds terrible to some people, because you're supposed to eat 5-6 smaller meals.. but to be honest some days I eat once, its so easy for me to sit down and work/play (whatever you wanna call it) until I go to sleep, and when I get up I'm starving, eat a meal and pass out... It doesnt take a genius to know this is terrible for me, but I'm working on it lol..
-Continue staking with the adjustment that profit chops get pushed more, having my funds tied up in other players leads to me having more online than I need to

As always good luck, I won't advise table selecting this time, if you do its gonna be hard to get in volume :)


  1. Gl with your goals! especially on the food one ehe

  2. Thanks lol... that one is the one I want to work on most tbh

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