Friday, April 29, 2011

Pokerstars to adjust SNG rake in May..

Title pretty much says it all, Pokerstars is doing a restructuring/rake review of the SNG's they provide. This has been a much needed and will be a much appreciated adjustment, described in detail here....

I've talked to several poker players regarding their goals post Black Friday, and as expected nearly everyone has shifted their position. The general consensus seems to be that the compromises required to attain Supernova Elite no longer justify the end result. The effort, be it adjusting game selection in order to reach volume, changing a schedule that works to play during new peak hours, and simply the amount of time it will take to attain Supernova Elite have all gone up, balancing these new hurdles against what was already a daunting task seems more and more difficult to justify... I personally haven't yet decided, but I'm certainly interested to see if any adjustment (similar to what they've done with rake when it no longer seemed logical) will come about :)

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