Friday, March 18, 2011

Head up nose down...

Been busting my ass this month trying to hit my VPP goal of 120k VPP's... To be honest I thought it would be a lot easier than it is, because some days I earn as much as 8k VPP's... but the bottom line is that 1k's don't always run, and if they run with 8/9 regs, I ain't jumpin in... I'm still really motivated to grind, (made infinitely easier by the fact that there are a group of sicko workaholics who grind almost as much as me on call whenever I play) but I need to ramp it up a little at some point because I can tell I won't be able to keep this pace for the entire year... I've cut MTT's from my regular daily grind, the added variance just isn't what I need while I continue adjusting to a really high buyin grind schedule... Sunday will now be the only day I grind anything MTT related, and even that will be MTT light/SNG heavy....

Cash... starting to get into it more and more, I've been splashing around quite a bit and will likely begin to focus my efforts here as time goes on... The only other thing to add prior to drifting into sleep is that I'm hitting St. Louis with another online player, Frenzuh. Should be pretty sick as his MTT game is definitely stronger than mine, and undoubtedly I'll be able to glean some things that will improve my play... (Which happens to be pretty fuckin good in case you wanted coaching, sick plug I know...) peace


  1. Are you going for SNE then dude?

  2. Hmmmm, sort of :) I'm on pace now which is great, but I'm only 6-12 tabling so its hard to really pull way ahead and lock it in... My focus atm is beating the games for some sort of win rate, if this continues I imagine I'll make the push for SNE

  3. Cool man. Your results this year are sick :)