Monday, June 27, 2011

A little discipline..

It's been awhile since I updated here, so should probably go ahead and do that :) As is usually the case with my absence of posts, I've been running bad and playing worse... I'm starting to get back on track now which feels awesome, but this only occurred after analyzing where I was blowing away my chips... The leak wasn't at 10/20, or 200/400 (for those who play SNG's and know what I mean), the leak was after I had been playing continuously for five hours... after playing 10-15 tables, and table selecting aggressively for about five hours, my play turns to shit. I noticed myself doing things that made no sense, I saw plays that were obviously bad and found that they were almost all taking place towards the middle/end of my day. The last few SnG's were fine, as when I'm 2-5 tabling my last couple games I'm able to regain focus and just try to end strong... But during my first 5 hours my play is much stronger, so it seems I'm going to HAVE to get up earlier, and break my play into 2 blocks. The first block will obviously last 5 hours, from 8am to 1pm - after which I intend to take a 75 minute break until 2 15 to do whatever I want, before loading again and ending the second session at about 5 30. In order to do this I think I'll probably have to make the latest time I go to sleep midnight, as I hate working all day on less than 8 hours of sleep, and I usually get 9. Supernova Elite is becoming more of a prospect, and I'm start to make some adjustments to my playing schedule to make it a more realistic possibility before November 1st. The first adjustment is cutting out MTT's for the rest of the year, this means missing WCOOP and Sunday MTT's.... Doing this could very well be -ev tbh, but it should probably be close enough that I don't really care that much.. I'm well into 400k VPP's now, and I've been playing MTT's every Sunday throughout the year and played a ton of MTT's during SCOOP - I am taking a vacation in July which will cut into grind time, but I went to STL so those two should balance out.... Anyway enough ranting, getting a little tired and wanna relax before getting back into it tomorrow...


  1. 2 sessions works well for me man, sometimes it's hard to put that 2nd session in though!

    glglgl going for SNE!

  2. Thanks boss, yeah should've planned for this sooner would make it a little easier, but I'm pulling 6k days and I tend to play 7 days a week, soooooo shouldn't be toooooo hard :)