Monday, June 6, 2011

Crushed the SNG Leaderboards...

As per the title, I had a really solid week with respect to the SNG Leaderboards, finishing 1st and 4th in the Jupiter board, ($300 and above SNG's) and 3rd and 8th in the Saturn Leaderboards ($100-$300 SNG's). The result was a hefty $3050 in bonuses for the week, which is obviously a pretty nice pickup. I've been putting in a lot of volume lately, much more than is my standard, and I've been doing the same with studying. I've been managing my time much more efficiently and have also spent a good amount of time reading Outliers, a book suggested from one of my business partners. The book has really helped influence my work ethic, and is something I highly recommend to those who have not yet read it. Managing my time efficiently has also been something I've been improving - as well as hitting the gym a few times a week... Good luck at the tables :)

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