Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pickin it back up

Hey, its been awhile since my last post and thats mostly due to my getting killed during the beginning of the month, and some of the motivation getting slashed... obviously the flip side to that is this post comes with some run good, and I've turned the month around a bit...

bigbluffzinc 779 $5 $42 16% $4,075 Tilt N/A PokerStars 12/1/2010 12/19/2010

The staking side of things hasn't really flipped, and the Pokerstars VIP changes were a pretty significant let down, so in light of the adjustments I'm still not 100% certain as to what my goals will be stepping into 2011. One of my business partners had to step out which was obviously for the worse, but I've worked out a system that seems to be getting the job done... I'll be moving back to BC in January which I'm pretty stoked about, still have no clue where I'm gonna live permanently but I'll stay with my brother till I get it figured out...

As far as regulars are concerned, people seem to be getting a lot better... the dynamics with a lot of players are getting a bit deeper, which makes for better poker and tougher swings... but nose to the grind stone, coz I aint workin at McDicks..

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  1. Move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Its awesome here, I'm looking at houses and planing on staying atleast a year.