Monday, February 7, 2011

Aight, so its been a minute....

Hey guys, haven't updated in forever, despite several requests to do so I've just been hitting volume pretty hard, moving around... and all in all trying to get life shit done. December wrapped up pretty well and I had no complaints business wise, although my personal life went through a pretty tumultuous time. January saw some challenging living conditions with respect to volume, sleeping on my brothers floor and having no real desk to play on made grinding uncomfortable, and I dug myself a nice 6k hole to the start of the year... I am now in a much more comfortable living/playing environment, and have since turned the -6k into slightly above break even (epic start to 2011)... Anyone with sharkscope or the search feature on Pokerstars can see that I've been breaking away from my standard $114 and below 18 man grind into the $225/$114/$109 9 and 10 Man turbos and non turbos. I think the change is great for my game, as the higher limits are slightly more engaging for the time being. I've been running pretty well and table selecting the hell out of them (also different for me but 9 man turbos are a low edge game) and have ripped out about 8k in profits from the higher buy in games this year.. Hopefully I keep running well and put up big numbers, no I'm not going for Supernova Elite... I'm just doing what I do, playing the games that make me the most money, good luck to everyone whose grinding out there.. shouldn't be as long before my next update...

Goals for February

Priority - Keep moving up in limits, break into the 565's by months end/mid March at the latest

Volume - At least 2500 games

Coaching - Do something lol, been slacking here

"Why would you be realistic, being realistic is the number one road traveled to mediocrity."

- Will Smith (I quoted that off memory, it may be a little off, but I prefer it my way)
- Good luck at the tables, and as always.. if you like your money,
they call it table selecting!


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  2. Came across you on Sharkscope and it had a link to your blog here. Then searched you on PS and saw you are now playing the $1100 so congrats on moving up and gl!

  3. hey bro dombomain33 hereee... nice start to the yearr gl on the grind kid!

  4. Thanks boss much appreciated, gl to you as well :)