Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Keep going...

The year is coming to a close, and its getting pretty easy to just call it a good year and throw in the towel. Pushing through and pounding volume is pretty close to one of the last things I want to do, but maintaining the pace I've been on (however sluggish) is the least I can do as I close out this year... November was a disappointment monetarily as per expectation, but hopefully I'm able to pick it up a little in December, rest up a little bit and prepare myself to hit the ground running in January. I have a number of personal things to take care of throughout December which will distract me from poker, but to have a worse mo/ in terms of volume than November won't be acceptable.

bigbluffzinc 871 $7 $50 11% $5,811 - N/A PokerStars 11/1/2010 11/30/2010

Staking went about as badly as it could have, and on the month I may have only had a $1500 month including poker, (about -$4,000) so hopefully I run better there this month :)

Goals for December: Play at least 1k games, get the Supernova 2x Milestone and the rest of the 4k bonus (about 40k FPP's from where I'm at now)

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