Monday, January 11, 2010

Some run good.. and some run bad

Well its mostly been run good... which is good! Since January first I've made about $3800 + FPP's + stellar rewards (I've cleared the first two 50 dollar bonuses and all five 10 dollar bonuses) I've also earned 13.3k VPP and a ton of FPP's which I am pretty happy about.. still not on track for SNE but im hoping to get to 10k this month through sng profit and then start into the 119's next month... (I've already cracked into the 60's..) I've only managed to play around 1600 sng's.. so thats way behind my goal so ill be looking to pick that up as well.. I've started some coaching though and my student is pretty chill so I'm looking to continue with that as well... I ran badly today and lost about 500... so not really too big a deal as its somewhere between 13 and 30 buyins... so not much of a downswing at all but enough to be frustrating... (I know the 60's/38's will be pretty swingy so its per expectation... and beyond that life is good... sooo I wish you all the best of luck and good luck grinding..

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