Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crushing Souls

As the title implies I've done quite well this month, taking my bankroll from 2700 to 9200 in 24 days with stellar rewards yet to be purchased and having earned 26k VPP's... I've been messing around quite a bit with different games and approaches to obtaining Supernova Elite, including playing (and beating for around 1700) the 104 double or nothings/Step Tournaments/my standard 16-60 dollar 18 man games. I'm at a point now that I simply want to get Supernova Elite as quickly as possible.. and I know Steps can be a huge way of doing that so I've added them in. (I have over 15 step 2 tickets) I'm probably one of a handful of players to attempt to put in this much volume so shortly after really learning how to play poker... (June of 2009) and my first 38 was pretty much this year.. and I've been crushing this month over like a 5k game sample and am looking to keep going... I don't even have Supernova yet as I started on Stars with 5 bucks in November, but I'm a little over 25% of the way there and were not even a month in, so when I get it I can put in a ton more volume as rakeback is a huge part of beating the current SNG game...

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