Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kickin off the New Year

Well were through the first few days of the New Year and because of that its time to update.... the New Year for me began with the worst session I've ever had playing the 38/27/16 dollar buyin SNG's... managed to lose about 2k in a day... I grinded it the 3400 roll down to about 1700, moved down to strictly the 16's... and in the next two days managed to take the roll to a new peak of 5500 and am back in the 38's/27's... im running about 5 tables of each in my 22 tabling sessions (I 22 table continuously not in sets thanks to some poker software) and the rest are 16's. The conclusion to that little rant is that since the first im up 2100+ rakeback on a little over 1100 sng's, not bad for 4 days work.. I'm currently not on track to hit SNE BUT I'm still confident ill be able to do it... just need to get a rhythm going in the 38's and the 60's.. Im currently sitting 10th or so on two leaderboards on stars as well so hopefully I can hold and cushion the roll that way as well.. Until then may the poker gods bless you with winning flips... cause when they dont its a shitter of a downswing..

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