Monday, January 2, 2012

Super busy... no volume!

So far 2012 hasn't seen me hit SNG's very hard at all, so tomorrow I'm going to be looking to put in a big day and make up for some of the missing ground - I have no intention of starting this year slow and being forced into a mad push at the end of it like last year.. I've started a few new horses and have been doing quite a bit of coaching, so the time has been well spent it just hasn't been spent playing SNG's. PLO is off to a nice start, I intend to move up at the end of every month as long as I had a winning month, and move down/stay at the same limit if a month is breakeven/losing or I don't put in many hands depending on how I feel... I won't be moving up any faster than one jump per month because I feel my bankroll may take me into games where I really don't have an edge if I'm not very controlled with the limits.. That being said I'm up close to 15 buyins or so over the last week (obv sample size), so hopefully my run good continues there... MTT's also went well this past Sunday, had a deep run in both the mill and the Sunday 500.. The Sunday 500 saw me reship 20bb's from the SB vs a hj open from a reasonably laggy player with J9s - I thought the spot was good because I hadn't really been active at all, he looked me up with AT which was w.e. and he held.. Oh well better luck next time, good luck to all of you!

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