Thursday, June 10, 2010

Couple Changes

Life's been going pretty well, haven't posted much which goes hand in hand with my lack of reflection on life in general.. I haven't been playing a lot of poker lately, been concentrating a lot on coaching, the woman, and friends... I've gotten pretty involved with PTP lately, which is a good way for me to earn some extra cash both as a way to advertise my coaching and to put my money in +ev situations.. I just got picked up by Reasons14/Frenzuh/Xboxlucas as a horse.. so I've been playing my regular stakes again, no more 12 dollar BS.. I spiked Supernova which was cool... and beyond that Im gonna start hitting the tables more regularly, my game has been improved a little bit since working w/ them, so +ev all around :) Hope to post sooner next time!

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