Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It has been awhile...

Well I've been busy lol, so I haven't been updating... Poker has been going alright, could always be better but again, its going ok... I had my first losing month in March which was mentally exhausting, ended up stuck about 700 at the end of the month... Beyond that, SCOOP has been taking up a ton of my time... I've been around 30,000 on the year including coaching/staking, so thats a better year than last regardless of the rest of it... I feel really confident in most of my games now, both MTT's and SnG's I have a pretty monumental level of confidence in.. Coaching is also going well as my horses are bringing in more than an hourly income to me.. and life is good... Hope all is well w/ everyone else.. Bigbluffz out.

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