Tuesday, April 10, 2012


SOMEONE BINKED THE MILLION!! Ok well the post may be a little bit misleading, as I didn't bink the Sunday Million that took place on April 8th - And tbh I don't know who did, BUT one of my horses did 6 way equity chop it up for 130k. Conor had been going through a rough stretch in terms of variance up until that point, but it only takes one tournament to fix everything :).

Staking has been getting better and better, obviously because I'm running a little bit hot, but its a good break given how bad my year has gone with the buyins I play above $300.

Another of my horses who puts a lot of effort/work into his game is Underdogggg@ who recently binked his largest score in the Big 109 for 22k. Effort/study/grind are such important parts of the game, and its really nice to see things come together for guys who put together all three pretty consistently.

On a side note, I've been getting very distracted from some of my personal goals regarding my health/diet/exercise - It's no surprise, as I work very hard and seem to very easily fall back into a bad routine regarding this aspect of my life, but for the rest of the month I plan to really focus on my conditioning and getting into very good shape. At the end of the month I have every intention of picking up a sport for recreation and dedicating at least a few days/month to it.

I hope everyone is doing well and achieving what they want for 2012, good luck at the tables and keep your head up, it just takes one tournament!

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