Sunday, March 4, 2012

How things have been going!!

2012 hasn't nearly gone as planned, not to say its been bad, because I'm having a blast with the people I keep around me and that's more or less all I can ask for as long my bills are paid... I'll preface the entire blog post with an epic night out that included Matty, Nick, my brother Peter, Mazurite (aka Brandon) and my buddy Alan that started with Korean BBQ and ended with a brawl in the street with a group of guys who "thought" it would be entertaining to bait me into a fight.. I wanted none of it but they ended up enticing my brother a little too much - Needless to say in the grand scheme of what matters and what doesn't, we won..

On to real life (Poker player summary). Matty (MrPaintball) has been doing very well in low-mid stakes games (winning the 5r this past Saturday) and crushing 180's as per his expectation - His thought processes in general are probably the most developed of the three of us, he's been playing since 2007 (I think) and has some close associations with top players who have helped him grow as a player. He's allowing players to invest in his high stakes action on 2+2 here. He rounds it out with a lot of his very reliable/+ev action and I think its a pretty no brainer decision to invest. (He won't let me back this action myself because he's a nit)
Nick (Frenzuh) has also been doing very well. He went on a tear winning streak where he won 15 or 16 days in a row including a $215 turbo FT where we got unlucky to take 5th for 5k. He's had several other final tables and been grinding it out playing SNG's, Matty and I have been yelling at him to put some packages up on 2+2 to no avail, but I think something will be in the works shortly and I'll update with that action as Nick cashes in 80% of the high buyin tournaments he plays due to the focus he allocates to the table - (His game is most suitable to tougher buyins/fields because of all of us he's most comfortable with less tables and making stronger decisions based on timing/reads from previous hands we weren't involved in/etc...) Oh and he's underrated, both of these guys are....
The last addition is my brother, whose made the climb mostly on his own and come over/studied/played with us a bit and I think will become a medium stakes regular before long. (Kids smarter than I am when it comes down to it, so if he tries it won't be a problem, the problem has always been just getting him to try!!!)

My own results suck, I think that is how to best sum up 2012 in terms of my own play. My game is good though, definitely the best its been, just running a little below expectation in some clutch spots - whatever.. My stable is killing it! Most notably Mully_85 winning the UKIPT main event, his screen name is a link to the score where he won just about 100k euro's. He's a very solid player and am definitely happy to be working with him and the group of guys he and Jay have introduced me to, so even if I'm not winning, everyone I know is and fortunately for me that means I'm not doing to badly! I hope everyone's year is going well, good luck!!

*Quick edit, I'm selling some action to a few tournaments I'm gonna play this week, if you're interested skype me!!!*


  1. You punish dude, just a matter of time before results turn around.

  2. Pshh I did that's me in the video ^^

  3. Cerceloiu MadalinMarch 5, 2012 at 5:46 PM

    nice work Sir on 03.03 on hyper turbo 6 mans :D
    definitely your best game it`s on 6 mans table :) GL!

  4. Definitely think my best game is 18's but tyvm :)