Thursday, November 4, 2010

Poker is a business...

Hey guys... been running hot, like hot like the sun hot.... Its November 3rd and I'm having nearly a 6k month all in, so yeah things on that side are clearly going well... Aside from my results my presence in my staking business has faded out a little bit, and I'm looking to remedy that when I wake up by running multiple sweats for both my BluffztheNutz and the SnGReasons stable. Presence is incredibly important w/ regard to how we handle our business, and is one of the most important things (in my opinion) with regard to the ability to successfully manage anything that has a bigger multitude than the individual. Obviously we can micro-manage, but that requires actually micro-managing the team you have working for you, you can't just let them do there own thing and expect it to work out the way you want it to, nor can you set goals and expect them to meet them when you provide no direction as to HOW we intend to accomplish these goals.. Here's a line from the Prince, which you should read when you peel yourself away from my blog, porn, (I hope not both at the same time) or whatever else you may be doing...

"... if he had not settled there, would not have been able to
keep it. Because, if one is on the spot, disorders are seen as
they spring up, and one can quickly remedy them; but if
one is not at hand, they are heard of only when they are
great, and then one can no longer remedy them."

I'm sure some/most and maybe all of you have read this book, but I've read it 5 times, so the bullshit excuse of being familiar with the text doesn't mean you shouldn't read it... If any of you have any books you found or are familiar with that really developed your sense of business or how you approach poker, throw it in the comments or hit me up by pm and ill try to read through them in the next few weeks... and if you don't, then you should... so put down the porn and get literate :)


  1. Read outliers for sure. That book is straight up your ally.

    Solid Post.

  2. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

  3. If you ever want to start a band, i'm in Scotland.


  4. Ok embarrassing but I meant to post that at reasons' blog