Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry, been lazy!

Haven't posted in awhile, just been busy with life and playing... had to help my woman's family with moving some stuff and she had some problems with life that took some time away from the grinding.. I've been all over the place since January first, I've had a few big final tables (109 20k gtd, took 7th tho after calling a cutoff shove w/ 77 on the button to run into TT when he was the shortest stack w/ me 2nd shortest having 12bb with him at 11bb) thats kind of how my mtt games have been going, lots of near wins/final tables with nothing impressive to show... other than that I've played a bunch of 104 double or nothings/108 non-turbo double or nothings.. as well as 12-36 dollar 180's and all of the 45's/18's that run up to $119... I'll be playing in the Sunday milli tomorrow as its got a 4 milli gtd... gonna be using the steps tickets I've won to play... my bankroll is at 16.5k from 2.7k on January first... so nearly 14k in a month and two thirds.. + a bunch of steps tickets and I haven't cashed in any FPP's for stellar rewards or anything else, all in all I'm probably pretty close to being up 17k... which is about what I made in the entire year last year... anyway I dont want to spend too much time thinking about last year or I will get depressed 4 sure.. ill update quicker next time...

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